Competitive Cooking Team Rules and Regulations

  1. There is a MANDATORY COOKS MEETING Wednesday June 27, 2020 , 9:00 am. in the VIP tent. 
  2. A Wing is defined as any piece of the wing: drummie or flat or a full wing; drummie, flat and flap, cooked, flavored and seasoned. 
  3. The wings for contest entry may not be pre-cooked, sauced or maintained in any way prior to inspection at the beginning of the cooking contest. Use of anything pre-cooked will result in disqualification. 
  4. Each contestant competing shall supply all of their cooking ingredients, individual cooking devices (propane charcoal, wood, oil), utensils, preparation tables, etc.. 
  5. The only things provided to contestants by the War of Wings Festival contest is a cooking area, 2 tables, 10×10 tent, and raw wings and up to 80lbs of ice. More Ice may be purchased on site using a credit card on file with War of Wings Festival at $3.00 per 20lb bag. 
  6. Each team may have up to 9 assistants (tents are limited 10 total people) in their tent. At least one cook or assistant from each team MUST attend the mandatory cooks meeting. 
  7. Each contestant must comply with all applicable rules and regulations of the Calhoun County Health Department including, but not limited to the following: a. Meat must be at 35° F or less before cooking. Coolers with plenty of ice will keep it cold enough. b. After cooking the wings, they should be placed in a covered container and maintained at a safe temperature until submitted to the judges. c. Cleanliness of the cook, assistants, and contestant area is required. d. NO live animals are allowed in the cooking area. This is grounds for disqualification. e. Each team MUST have hand cleaning capabilities. Soap and water or waterless hand cleaner is acceptable. 
  8. Setup will take place between 1:00-5:00pm Friday, June 26, 2020 and 7:00-9:00am Saturday morning June 27, 2020. Teams are encouraged to setup on Friday as no cars will be allowed on the festival area on Saturday. Teams with smokers are required to set up Friday during the designated times. The festival will open to the pre-sale ticket holders & VIP’s at 11am- Gate purchased admission at 12pm. The first band will start at 11:00 am. 
  9. Live entertainment will be taking place during the festival from 11:00am – 6:30pm. 
  10. No live bands or combos, etc., will be allowed in the individual cooking areas at any time during the event. 
  11. Each contestant must check-in upon arrival at the Contestant/Vendor tent (see map) located next to the Volunteer Tent. 
  12. Restrooms will be available around the Festival perimeter. 
  13. Children may not be left unattended or unsupervised to roam the festival or its outlying areas. 
  14. Trash cans/bags must be provided by each contestant for their tent area. A dumpster for trash will be on-site. Contestants will be responsible for cleaning up their area after the contest. Trash MUST be placed in the dumpster, not next to it. A separate $100 refundable clean-up deposit is required. This will only be kept if your area is left unclean or damaged. 
  15. Teams must have used oil discarded before leaving. The contest will provide a receptacle for discard and oil dump should not begin until after festival has ended. DO NOT pour oil on the grass or into any street. Any team found to be dispensing of oil in any unsafe or unsanctioned manner will be fined up to $500.00 and will be disqualified and/or asked to return any awards earned during the festival 
  16. Vehicles will be allowed to “load-in” at the Festival area between 1pm-5:00pm Friday ONLY. 
  17. Vehicles will NOT be allowed back in the Festival area after the contest for “load-out” until the last band has finished performing and the service road is open, approximately 6:30pm. The area will be blocked off by security until then. 
  18. The contest will take place on the grounds of the Combat Park and Veteran’s Trade day. 
  19. This is a benefit and we ask each team to help in our fundraising by asking for additional donations. The team raising the most money will be awarded the War of Wings Festival Favorite award. Participation is mandatory. 
  20. The entry Donation to the War of Wings Contest & Festival is $300 for a 10′ x 10′ space. Larger spaces are available by ordering multiple 10×10 spaces. If for example the team requires a 10×20 space then you should buy 2 spaces. The maximum number of spaces a team may purchase is 3 spaces or a 10×30 space.
  21. CLEAN UP DEPOSIT. It is the responsibility of each team to see that the contest area is cleaned, and all equipment removed from the site following the contest. At check in each team will be required to provide a $100 check made payable to the War of Wings Festival. We will hold this check un-cashed until close of the event. Prior to your departure a member of staff will inspect your location and return your check if it is found to be in good order. If your space is not found in good order, then we will cash the check to help defray our cleanup cost. 
  22. The War of Wings Festival Committee reserves the right to reject any application. If your team’s application is not accepted, your fees will be refunded. No refunds of entry fees will be made once you have been accepted into the contest whether your team participates or not. 
  23. Space is guaranteed for the first 25 applications accepted by The War of Wings Festival Committee. 
  24. The team’s captain will be held responsible for the conduct of his team and his guests. Under NO circumstances are wings to be distributed without tickets, beverages (including alcohol) to be distributed (given away or sold) to the general public by the teams or its contestants. The War of Wings Festival Committee requests and requires that good taste be used with team conduct during the contest. Drunken or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. 
  25. Team areas are assigned by the order of receipt of paid entry. 
  26. Each team should provide their own bucket of sand for cigarette butt disposal within their individual team area. NO SMOKING IN THE COOKING AREAS 
  27. Violations of rules and regulations of the contest will result in disqualification, expulsion, and/or disqualification from future participation in the festival. 
  28. Read and keep these rules of the War of Wings Festival. If there are any questions or concerns immediately contact The War of Wings Festival for clarification.
  29.  NO throwing of Frisbees, balls or any falling objects are allowed. 
  30. NO glass containers, only plastic and aluminum allowed inside the festival area, or in personal cooking area. 
  31. The War of Wings Festival will not be responsible for tents or other equipment left unattended before, during, or after the contest. 
  32. All teams must adhere to all electrical, fire, and other codes, by the city, county, state, and federal codes. Each team must have an ABC 5lb minimum fire extinguisher of a 2A, 40bc rating. Please check and make sure they are charged. You will not be allowed to cook if you do not have an extinguisher. All tarps and tents must be fire retardant with certification stating so. The War of wings Festival can provide electrical power for your area for an additional fee. 
  33. Contestants may not sell food. 
  34. War of Wings Festival reserves the right to make additional regulations as the situations warrants. Decisions of the War of Wings Festival Committee and Judges are FINAL.
  35. Any questions regarding these rules and guidelines or judging rules should be addressed immediately to The War of Wings Festival Committee.