volunteering opportunities

Interested in volunteering for this event?
Below is a list of volunteers needed, shoot us an email and let us know how you would like to help!

JUDGES Hospitality (18 and up)

  • 1 team lead – Duties include assuring judges arrive on time and are escorted into the judges area. You will go over the judging criteria and answer any questions and address any concerns that may arise within the judge’s pool. Oversee the timing of turn in and score tabulation.
  • 6 team members – ensure the turn in table remains clean- entries are recorded and delivered to the judges table promptly. Must be team oriented and able to move quickly and communicate effectively

Ticketing – 12 team members- 21 and up 
Sell admission tickets- ensure online tickets are verified valid prior to entry: verify and Issue over 21 wristbands. Sell additional wing and beverage tickets.

Cash Team – 4 members – 21 up
Collect and log cash received on the day of event in the office. All cash must be counted on camera and in view of a WOW2020 committee member.

VIP lounge – 6 members
Serve drinks- clean area, ensure guests are comfortable and refill snack trays and the restroom is clean and stocked.

Kid’s Zone / Craft corner – 6- 8 members
Make sure our littlest wing fans are safe and having fun while in the kid zone and craft corner. Keep the area clean. 2 people must watch the slide and bounce house at all times ensuring the safety of all children in attendance.

Parking Attendants – 12 members
Collect money for parking and ensure that the lot is safe, the space is being utilized to its best ability and patrol parking areas.

Trash team – 12 members 16- up
Ensure the festival grounds remain clean throughout the day by sweeping each zone Hourly and picking up anything on the ground that doesn’t belong. Cups, Napkins, food containers etc. Trash receptacles must be emptied and bags replaced as needed. Trash and Boxes must be taken to the disposal site. Recyclable materials must be but into the recycling bins and not into the trash. Plastic, Aluminum and cardboard only please.

Security Team – 20 members: 21 and up
Ensure the safety of all Staff and festival attendees. Monitor crowds for any signs of trouble, drunkenness, fighting, smoking in non-designated areas and domestic disturbances.
Alert medics to medical emergencies and provide crowd control.

Band Hospitality – 4 members
Ensure all music acts arrive on time and are directed properly. They will be given VIP admission bands and allowed to use the VIP Lounge for drinks, snacks & restrooms. 

FIRST AID – EMT/RN/ LPN/MD only please
This tent will attend to any first aid needs during the festival. Cuts, Scrapes & minor Burns are normal to this type of festival but the potential to have a more serious medical need arise is always a possibility. 

Beer/ Wine Servers – 10 member teams  – 21 & up Only
Serve beverages to only those who have been verified and Identified by the over 21 wristband in exchange to the proper beverage ticket.  IF in doubt CARD THEM AGAIN. IT’S THE LAW!

Ice Team – 4 team members – Golf Cart Needed
Deliver Ice to the team tents as requested, assist Chicken team with wing delivery as needed

Chicken Team – 4 team Members needed  Golf Cart Needed
Deliver Chicken wings to teams as requested, assist Ice teams as needed.

Volunteer Coordinators – 3 members needed
Make contact with all volunteers prior to event, conduct info meeting and follow-up emails to all groups that wish to volunteer.  Will operate out of a tent during the festival. Check in all Volunteers. Ensure all stations are properly staffed. Ensure comfort & safety of all volunteers. Communicate any needs or issues that may arise during the festival to the proper channels. Ex.  Security, first Aid, WOW 2020 Committee. Fill out and sign Hour Verification letters for those who request them after each shift.