Wing Cooking Competition

Barbecue with spicy chicken wings

Nothing is better than live Music, Cold Beer and Chicken wings. Wounded Warrior of Alabama provides direct services and assistance to Local Veterans 365 days a year 24 hrs. a day , 7 days a week. We picked this Saturday in June to honor local Veterans and raise money for the Wounded Warrior of Alabama project fund. We appreciate your help in making this inaugural year possible.


In addition to bragging rights as the first ever War of Wings Winner, we will award prize money and a trophy or plaque to the top scoring teams in each category as determined by our judges.

$1,000 – War of Wings Champion
$500 – Exotic Flavor Champion
$500 – FIRE Sauce Champion
$500 – Creative Spicy Champion
$500 – Creative Sweet Champion
$500 – Original Buffalo Champion

A trophy or plaque will be presented to the team who wins the “Festival Favorite” Award. The award will be based on the team which raises the most in donations from patrons sampling wings and outside donations collected prior to the festival. Get creative!
Sauced BBQ chicken wings over hot coals

What you’ll Need to Know

All team Booths are allocated in 10′ x 10 units.

This charity event will be held on the Grounds of Combat Park and Veteran’s Trade Day located in Eastaboga, Alabama. We invite teams from near and far of all expertise.

The Donation to participate in the contest is $300 per team (the entry deadline is June 25, 2020).  We also require you provide a $100 clean up deposit which will be returned as your team checks out.

To compete you must first read and accept our competition rules and regulations.  Then complete the cooking team registration form.


Load in: Friday June 26th 1 PM- 5PM, and June 27th , 7:00 AM-10 AM (no cars allowed on the festival grounds the day of the event)
Gates Open: 11 AM for pre purchased admission and VIP  and 12 PM for Gate purchased General Admission— Save $ and Buy in advance and get in 1 hr. ahead of the crowd!
Judging: Beginning at 1 PM
Winners Results Announced: 4PM
Load out: After headliner show, around 7 PM

Entries will be judged by a panel of 7 judges. You must present them in numbered box provided by WOW. You may choose to garnish or not it is up to you. Additional key aspects include:

  • Each Entry will be judged at designated times. You must turn in each entry on time. Late entries will not be accepted and be given a 0.00 for that category
  • Each of the judges will sample your wings, so you need to have at least 1 wing per judge for their assessment.
  • The judges will score you on Presentation & Appearance and most importantly, Taste
  • Your entry will be compared to other competitor entries.
  • Scores are weighted as follows: Presentation & Appearance (25%) and Taste (75%)
  • A cooks meeting will be held on site on the day of the contest to go over any questions about this process. The time and location of this meeting will be communicated to each team prior to arriving at the event.
  • Each category winner will earn a cash Prize and plaque.
  • The War of Wings Grand Champion will be awarded to the team with the highest cumulative score from all categories.
    For additional details download the official War of Wings Wing Cooking Competition Scoring Criteria

Each item is required to supply all the items for the cooking of wings/ Serving Wings and general materials needed for their booth including but not limited to: a Schedule C Fire Extinguisher and a designated cold storage cooler for uncooked chicken wings.

Each team is liable for any bodily or other harm as a direct result of negligence on the part of that team. In submitting your application you will be acknowledging and accepting these terms and indemnifying the War of Wings Festival its committee, employees and Volunteers of any and all liability resulting from such negligence.

Thank you to our sponsors for making this event possible!